HOOF SOLUTION is made of natural products. It is a centuries-old remedy rooted in alchemy. Its preparation was particularly time-consuming, complex and laborious, as a result of which it dropped out of the folk tradition for some 150 years.

With the advent of new technology, this product has become a symbol of the meeting of old and new.

After in-depth joint study by veterinarians and farriers, KEVIN BACON'S HOOF SOLUTION is back on the shelf.

Regular applications of KEVIN BACON'S HOOF SOLUTION will keep your horse's feet clean and sound.


Instructions for use:
Mix the product well with a small brush before using.



Thrush: 1 application a day
Thrush soft and wet: 5 applications a day every other day
Preventive maintenance: 1 application a week

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution


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