Regular use of Hoofmaker will help maintain strong, yet flexible hooves on your horse.  It moisturizes to help reduce the incidence of dry, brittle and inflexible surfaces.  Consult your local veterinarian or farrier for additional hoof care advice.  Use of Hoofmaker leaves the users hands, nail, cuticles and skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  Dries quickly without a greasy residue.

Directions for human use:  Apply to hands, nails, cuticles and skin as necessary.  Massage into dry skin, especially hands, elbows and feet.  Safe for use on your hooves if you are unfortunate enough to have them.

Directions for use on animals:  Apply by hand, covering the entire hoof surface including coronary bands, walls, frog and sole.  Massage in with fingertips, leaving a thin, even film to absorb into the hoof.  Apply daily, or as reccommended by your professional equine authority.

Not for internal use!  Do NOT eat this product, it does not taste good.  Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes.  Keep from freezing. 

Mane N'Tail Hoofmaker 32oz

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