Tuff Stuff is a hoof toughener & conditioner that's also a show quality cosmetic. Tuff Stuff is so effective that after treating an egg with it, you can drive a nail through without cracking the shell. Tuff Stuff is an acetone-based application with a cellulose bonding agent that moisturizes the hoof from the inside out.


  • Toughening shod, or unshod hooves.
  • Aids in moisture retention.
  • Strengthens soft/mushy hooves.
  • Show cosmetic to put a final 'glass like shine' on the hoof wall.
  • Tightening and preventing loose shoes (apply as needed to fill wear space of nail track & old tracks after shoeing).


  • Strengthens brittle, shelly, mushy, or cracked hoof walls.
  • Perfect for protecting against scuffed toes.
  • Guards against fungus, caustics, and bacteria.
  • Maintains the hoof wall's natural moisture.
  • Will not wear away after application.  
  • More effective than oil-based products that actually block moisture absorption.  

Tuff Stuff - Hoof Toughener & Conditioner